Thursday, 2 July 2015


Kalla pillayar 

During the churning of the milk ocean to extract the Nectar, the Devas stole a bit without the knowledge of anybody and without praying to Lord Ganapathy and hid it in a secret place.

To teach a lesson to Devas for ignoring him in their haste, 
Lord Ganesha simply changed the place of the Nectar pot from where it is. Devas unable to find it, and approached Lord Shiva . 

Lord Shiva advised the Devas to apologize to Lord Ganesha to get back the nectar pot. After getting the pot, the Devas went for a bath. 

When they returned, they could not see the pot. It has become a Shiva Linga. 

And that Shiva Linga is Amirthakadeshwarar i.e., Amirtham (nectar) + Kadam (pot), the presiding deity of Thirukadaiyur.

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